ImageResizer  3.4.0
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Package ImageResizer.Util


class  CommitAttribute
class  NativeDependenciesAttribute
class  BundleAttribute
class  EditionAttribute
class  BuildTypeAttribute
class  DictionaryUtils
class  ParseUtils
 Provides invariant parsing & serialization of primitive types, like Enums, integers, floats, and booleans. More...
class  PathUtils
 A set of utility methods for manipulating virtual paths More...
class  PolygonMath
 Defines a collection of utility functions for manipulating polygons. These functions may be (re)moved in future releases; be prepared. More...
class  StreamUtils
class  UrlHasher
class  Utils
class  yrl
 Enapsulates a mutable (changable) site-relative URL. Note that "" is equivalent to the application root directory in YRL notation (the ~/ is implicit, always). QueryFindYrlVerifyID can be removed if external dependencies aren't allowed. It uses fbs.Articles.Index.FindPathByID() This class is designed to standardize path interpretation and conversion. More...