ImageResizer  3.4.0
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|oCBoxEdgesRepresents the widths of edges of a box.
|oCResizerSectionHandles reading the <resizer> section from Web.Config
|oCImageBuilderProvides methods for generating resized images, and for reading and writing them to disk. Use ImageBuilder.Current to get the current instance (as configured in the application configuration), or use ImageBuilder.Current.Create() to control which extensions are used.
|oCImageProcessingExceptionRepresents an non-recoverable exception that occured while processing the image. Possible causes are: a corrupted source file, cache resource timeout (such as a locked file in imagecache), unusable configuration (for example, no registered encoders or caches), invalid syntax, or a size limit was exceeded and the request was stopped by the SizeLimiting extension. May also be caused by a missing source file/resource, in the form of the ImageMissingException subclass.
|oCImageCorruptedExceptionA source file was corrupted
|oCImageMissingExceptionOne or more source files was missing
|oCInstructionsA name/value collection of image processsing instructions. The successor to ResizeSettings. Just because a key doesn't have a property wrapper doesn't mean you can't use it. i["key"] = value; isnt' that scary.
|oCInterceptModuleMonitors incoming image requests to determine if resizing (or other processing) is being requested.
|oCResizeSettingsRepresents the settings which will be used to process the image. Extends NameValueCollection to provide friendly property names for commonly used settings. Replaced by the Instructions class. Will be removed in V4.0
 oCDataErrorExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an error in input stream occurs during decoding.
 oCInvalidParamExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the value of an argument is outside the allowable range.